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Dec 2019:

Congrats of receiving the "Nizoz" Cleantech grant 馃檪

Ministry of science and technology, Nizoz Cleantech

We will develop multifunctional MoS2-supported nanocomposites for water decontamination.聽Overall, results from this study will demonstrate practical application of MoS2-supported multifunctional nanocomposites as efficient oxidative and adsorptive media to treat water contamination, without use of an additional catalyst separation stage from solution.

November 2019:

Good Luck, Noa!

Noa Haymes finished her project on “Application of Engineered Photocatalysts Nanomaterials on Active Platforms for Water Decontamination” and successfully graduated!

Noa is the first master student graduating from our group, and we all wish her聽good luck!

November 2019:

New students in our lab

Please welcome Dr. Amit Kumar Sarkar (postdoc), Zhian Ying (visiting PhD student), Kfir Shapira (master student), and Shaanan Sack (master student) to our group starting from this upcoming semester.

We wish you easy transition and successful research at our group!

October 2019:

A new feature at TAU news

Bridging the academic gender gap! Check it here!

September 2019:

Shhh filming!

Interviewing Prof. Deb Newberry at TAU on-line for the Environmental Nanotechnology course (will be given at the Porter School on Spring 2020)

April 2019:

Grand Finale

Gil Nisim, our master student, was selected as a LocalTAU’s finalist! Congrats Gil, and good luck!!

January 2019:

Miami Pitch Competition

The American Friends of TAU in Miami are looking for student proposals for finding solutions to environmental problems, and giving a prize of $20,000 to the winning project.聽

Deadline for submission was extended to 28 Feb 2019!聽

This year their topic is related to the storm runoff waters that are polluting the Bay of Biscay, Everglades, etc. Students are encouraged to propose innovative solutions (cost-effective and sustainable) to help reduce pollution of all sorts in the runoff waters. Go for it!

January 2019:

Congrats of receiving our first grant 馃檪

BMBF-MOST: Joint German-Israeli Water Technology Research Program

We will develop an in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) system based on passive dissolution of ozone gas using gas-permeable membranes for remediation of petroleum-contaminated groundwater in collaboration with Prof. Drewes and Huebner from the Department of聽Urban Water Systems Engineering at the Technical University of Munich.聽

October 2018:

Open positions are now available in the Zucker Lab:

  • Lab manager
  • Postdocs
  • PhD and MSc students

Excellent applicants with background in environmental engineering, materials science, nanotechnologies, chemistry and physics are encouraged to contact

October 2018:

Zucker Lab will officially kick-off starting from January 2019!

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